Speaking your language

Technical Translations

We know that it’s vitally important to protect the integrity of your technical documentation and materials and to do so our translation work has to be of the highest quality.

Our process involves selecting translators with an in-depth understanding not only of the translation language but also of the subject they are working on.

Our team will ensure they understand your business, target audience, technical lexicon, relevant terminology and language conventions to create authentic, accurately translated materials that are appropriate for the target market.

Quality Assurance comes in the form of cross-checking within the team, using the glossary and style guide, and using the Translation Memory System to retain consistency across all translated materials. Project managers and business managers are deeply involved in the QA process as well.

Our Technical Translation services can be used for a wide range of materials including print, for which our Desktop Publishing capability will ensure that layout of materials is not affected by translation of the content.


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