Speaking your language

Software Localisation (L10N)

This is a particularly specialised area of language translation, as it requires an understanding of how data strings integrate with user interfaces and databases so that once translated, software releases are glitch-free and ready for market.

Qualified to tackle the toughest tasks

Software strings are often subject to character restrictions and certain languages require special treatment of compound words and special extended characters. We have years of experience of working across a wide variety of software platforms and languages, and with hundreds of software projects under our belt we are confident in our ability to overcome even the most tricky technical software issues.

Cost-effective quality

Software string translations often contain a significant number of repetitions, so we start by isolating the text for translation, and running it through our translation memory software to establish a total word count on which to base our quote. Often we can significantly reduce the number of words for translation and save our clients time and money on their translations.

As with any technical translation, we will select the right translator based not only on the language but also the subject matter to which the translation relates. We will always recommend a language specific beta test for any new software and can assist with this as required.


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