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Quality – ISO Compliance

Quality – ISO Compliance

Kerry Services Ltd is quality assured in accordance with ISO 17100:2015. We’re proud that 92% of our work comes from repeat business, which reflects our commitment to our customers and to quality.

Quality is notoriously difficult to define, but we believe a combination of technical expertise, proficiency with tools and a close engagement between the translator, project manager and customer is a prerequisite for content that is fit for purpose.

Quality comes from meaningful feedback, two-way discussions and rigorous analysis to assess the impact of the translation on its target audience.

Our Quality Assurance process

The foundation of our translation quality starts with the recruitment (and retention) of high-quality translators. Our recruits are tested following the guidelines issued by the ISO institution:

  • Translation competence
  • Linguistic and textual competence in the source language and the target language
  • Competence in research, information acquisition, and processing
  • Cultural competence
  • Technical competence
  • Domain/IT competence

Using technology to complement our skilled team

Underpinning our expert team of linguists and translators is our computer technology, which helps us maintain consistency and quality across the full range of our services.

Our technology:

  • Assists our team to build comprehensive translation databases, client-by-client and industry-specific
  • Supports our consistency by removing the need to duplicate translation work across different projects
  • Ensures a smooth interface between word processing to our Desktop Publishing team, and into our digital team to maintain consistency and quality across all aspects of our clients' projects
  • Reduces cost and improves time-efficiency so that we can deliver to deadline, and within budget

And rest assured, our technology is a complement to the expertise of our team. Kerry Services is proud to invest in its staff, recruiting only the best applicants after rigorous testing and quality control.