Speaking your language

Mechanical Engineering Translation Services

Specialising in particular industries is a key strength of ours. We’ve worked with the mechanical engineering sector for 15 years, and we have made it our aim not only to translate but to do so with the fully authentic tone, voice and terminology of the industry.

How do we do this? Our translators are not just native speakers with at least 5 years of experience, they understand mechanical engineering.

For example, we have extensive expertise in translating for manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging equipment. However, we do not translate pharmaceutical documentation.

Our clients are world leaders in their fields. Many of them frequently win design awards. They understand that their documentation is part of the product, so they don’t take risks with translation.

Our strengths lie in:

  • Packaging Machinery
  • Materials Handling Equipment
  • Industrial Processing Equipment
  • Engines & Power Generation

Often we add value to the source material of our clients because we provide an extra layer of scrutiny on the source material, as well as the translation. We catch things that writers don’t necessarily see.

Your content is your brand. This includes:

  • Operator & Service Manuals
  • Technical & Service Bulletins
  • Human Machine Interfaces & Software
  • Videos
  • Websites
  • Machine Labels & Safety Decals
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Content Management Systems
  • Corporate Communications
  • E-learning Programs & Training Materials
  • Marketing Materials
  • Product & Spare Parts Catalogs
  • International RFQs

Each of these is as important as the corporate brochure. Make sure your message is consistent throughout your organisation. Partner with us, and we’ll ensure your brand integrity is protected across the board.


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