Speaking your language

Interpreter Services & Voice Over Artists


Effective communication across language barriers can be extremely daunting, and can hamper effective business or personal relationship-building.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way, from selecting the type of interpreting service best suited to your needs, to providing the highest quality interpreters using the best equipment available to ensure your communication channels are free-flowing.

Specialising in interpreting for the IT, Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering sectors, our interpreters are highly-skilled, accredited and quality assured to ensure your translations are accurate.

Our services include:

  • On-site interpreters
  • Face-to-face
    • Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter listens to the speaker in the source language and relays a translated version to the audience. This is ideal for medical appointments, local authority tenant discussions and confidential hearings or legal proceedings, for example.
    • Simultaneous interpreting: the interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth and translates the source for relay to a large audience in real-time. This is ideal for conferences and larger meetings with multiple parties.
    • Sign Language interpreting in multiple languages


It takes tremendous skill and precision to complete voiceover assignments to a high standard.

Kerry Services works with a number of specialist voiceover artists covering over 20 languages.

Their key skills include the ability to adapt to tone and style and deliver clear and authoritative voiceovers without strong dialect influence.

Our team of expert artists have produced voiceovers for, amongst others:

  • Operator instruction videos
  • Corporate safety and information videos
  • Training videos
  • Narration projects
  • Digital presentation voiceovers


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